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Ceci est destiné à une individu(e) ciblée, persuadée qu'être bien traitée par la police et le monde médical , lors de plaintes pour harcèlement électronique, serait une preuve d'une forme de reconnaissance de qualités personnelles  de la cible , par ces deux groupes .ées)

Ce comportement normal de la police et de médecins,  est rare dans le cas des cibles de harcèlement  criminel global ( gang stalking) où policiers et thérapeutes  s'entendent , au contraire, pour manipuler des situations et fabriquer de faux dossiers,  destinés à faire taire la cible qu'ils ont , enfin, à disposition.

Quand , face à une  personne se disant ciblée  , ces deux clans-là se comportent normalement , sans profiter de leur uniforme pour humilier et contraindre la cible grâce à leur autorité et à leurs noms de métier, c'est :
- soit  que la personne ciblée à la baraka
- soit qu'elle est perçue comme inoffensive
- soit que les professionnels désignés  ont reconnu ou cru reconnaître une situation de harcèlement électronique simple.

Ce qui est déjà énorme, insupportable et inadmissible.

Quelque soit le cas de figure, il peut être important d'appréhender  les situations telles qu'elles sont organisées par les agents du harcèlement criminel  global et ce, quelque soit sa finalité,  pour développer une forme de compréhension intellectuelle du système tel qu'il opère ,  à défaut de pouvoir éprouver de l'empathie pour des cibles au parcours différent du sien.

Le texte ci-après ,  bien que  lié au contexte  spécifique américain, pourrait le permettre. Il est extrait de


One of the reasons this horrific, blatant, and ongoing abuse of citizens is not being covered by news-reporting media, whether corporate or alternate, is that a massive cover-up operation has been embarked on by the Corporate Mafia, to, as the NSA aims to do, “deny, dismiss, disrupt, and discredit” any and all reporting witnesses and victims. 

This has been achieved by ensuring the following:
1. THE CO-OPTING OF PSYCHIATRY: In order to achieve a global and public dismissal of  what people are experiencing–the unmistakeable assault of radiation weaponry on their person–psychiatrists are trained to dismiss all witness and victim accounts of irradiation by remote-control EMF neuroweaponry (non-lethal weapons/directed-energy weapons) and all reports of suspicions of government, military, and Intel involvement as delusional, by paying psychiatrists in high positions (in collusion with advertising agencies who apparently advise on “the art of branding (medical) conditions”) to contrive, create, propagandize, and publicize invented disorders to specifically address accounts of irradiation by remote-control EMF neuroweaponry and suspicions of government, military, and Intel agency involvement.

(Please see references in List of References under Microwave Harassment and also Mass Corruption in Organized Psychiatry, especially Mark Rich’s detailed analysis in New World Wars, which references other books written by more thoughtful, questioning, and ethical psychiatrists.)

To elaborate: Colluding, co-opted, bribed, and corrupt psychiatrists in the pay of behemoth drug corporations expediently label all reporting witnesses and victims as paranoid schizophrenics, exhibiting schizoid-affective disorder, or other such contrived disorders and conditions, wherein their credibility is attacked.

Meaning, the moment anyone reports or mentions (to local law enforcement or local medical personnel) “covert harassment,” or being attacked by EMF weapons, directed-energy weapons, or non-lethal weapons, whose pulsed frequencies they can vividly sense on their person–and, please note, which can be measured, objectively, and distinctively, by a Radio Frequency meter or spectrum analyzer or sonic detectorand consults a psychiatrist or physician for help dealing with sleep-deprivation, a first consequence of 24/7 irradiation, or, as is more often the case, is persuaded to visit a psychiatrist by concerned family members concerned about their relative’s sleep-deprivation and alarmed by the person’s first-response attempts to protect him/herself with whatever materials he/she is initially advised toward by various websites (more on websites below)–tinfoil, metal shields, Mylar–the person is immediately tagged as schizoid (and exhibiting paranoia and delusions) by the psychiatrist, and prescribed the particular (and expensive) anti-psychotic, neuroleptic drug the psychiatrist is paid by his or her sponsoring drug corporation to prescribe.

This is done reflexively, in a massive operation which includes 
1) the active participation and complicity of senior-level psychiatrists who work openly for the drug corporations who sponsor their conferences and lecture tours and 

2) the active miseducating of other and intermediate-level psychiatrists with planted disinformation by means of articles, lectures, and other means of information dissemination. (A favorite means of disinformation is to persuade colleagues and juniors that reporting citizens are highly suggestible, prone to believing the witness and victim accounts freely available on the Internet, which, it is suggested, are nothing but conspiracy theories and in fact evidence of mass delusion and paranoia.)

It is important to note, too, that all anti-psychotics actually cause brain dysfunction and chemical imbalance–that is how they function–and that recent research has fully debunked schizophrenia as a clinical medical condition or disease since there has been found to be no physiological basis for it: no chemical imbalance, no gene, and no blood test or MRI or other diagnostic to establish it. Schizoid disorders, on the other hand– which are freely assessed to exist in an individual by the clinician psychiatrist, solely through conversation–in tandem with their specific neuroleptic drug-treatments, as recorded in the industry-funded, industry-established Bible of Invented Disorders, the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) have been proliferating in number, scope, and minutae as more and more “symptoms” of “abnormal behavior” such as, for instance, the observing, reporting, discussing, questioning, analyzing, critiquing actions from aware, conscious, intelligent, independent, and perfectly healthy individuals are noticed and rolled in for further disorder-consumption by the ever-expanding Bible.

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